BA alumna publishes journal article

Daniela Gutierrez (BA 2021) has had an article published in a special issue of the journal Anthurium concerning lesbian migrants who entered the country during the Mariel Boatlift. This paper originated in work undertaken during Dr. Michael Bustamante’s senior seminar in 2020.

Adjunct publishes article in leading journal

Dr. Sven Kube, an adjunct and Ph.D. alumnus has had his article “Shop of the Pops: Socialist Consumers, Capitalist Performers, and the Record Market That United Them” published in the October 2021 issue of The Journal of Popular Culture  (Vol. 54 No. 5).

Ph.D. Alumna publishes book

Paula de la Cruz-Fernandez (Ph.D. 2013) expanded her dissertation and recently published the resulting book, Gendered Capitalism.  Sewing Machines and Multi-National Business in Mexico, 1850-1940, in the Routledge International Studies in Business History series.

Postdoc Fellow Publishes Chapter

Congratulations to Postdoctoral Fellow Sven Kube for the recent publication of a chapter entitled “Socialist Riches to Capitalist Rags: The Disintegration of the GDR Music Industry during German Reunification” in Patryk Galuszka’s edited volume Eastern European Music Industries and Policies After the Fall of Communism: From State Control to Free Market.

Three History Professors Publish Books

Congratulations to our colleagues Drs. Michael Bustamante, Rebecca Friedman and Daniel Royles for the recent publication of their individual books.  Dr. Bustamante’s book Cuban Memory Wars: Retrospective Politics in Revolution and Exile was published by The University of North Carolina Press in March of 2021; Dr. Friedman’s book Modernity, Domesticity and Temporality in Russia: Time […]

Ph.D. student in AHA Interview

Khary Pestaina, a third year Ph.D. candidate, was featured in a March 2021 ‘Perspectives on History’ interview. For more, see here.

Archivos: An Open Seminar

The Department of History hosted a successful and well-attended symposium entitled “Archivos: An Open Seminar” with the participation of several distinguished speakers on March 9th 2018. Video coverage of the event can be accessed at Note: non-FIU users will need to register.

Dr. Davies delivers Feinstone Lecture in the Archaeology of Israel

On Thursday Feb 20th, Dr. Gwyn Davies will deliver the Annual Feinstone Lecture on the Archaeology of Israel at the University of Missouri, Kansas City on behalf of the Archaeological Institute of America. This is the second time that Dr. Davies has been selected to deliver this national lecture and will also be his second […]

Dr. Premo co-ordinates Legal History Blog

Updated: 0204/2020 – added Lo Extrajudicial, Premo, and Paperless Citizenship in Cuba, Premo with J. Ermer to the blog list Dr. Bianca Premo is the guest Blogger for the Legal History Blog for the month of January. She is responsible for seven separate blogs in a series entitled ‘Paperless Law and Extrajudicial Legality’. Two of the blogs […]